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Your boudoir session is right around the corner!
Here are all the details of location, time, and some do's and dont's.

The sessions will be taking place at Studio Collective in London, Ontario. 
The address for Studio Collective is:
20 Kitchener Ave, Unit 32
London, ON, N5Z 2B2

The owners of Studio Collective have given specific instructions for where to park the day of your session. I'll post a photo below of where the entrance for the studio is, and where you need to park the day of! There are other tenants in the studio's building so please be sure not to block and laneways and to park in the designated parking area pictured below!

Our Studio Location Kitchener Ave.jpg

Arrival Time!

Please arrive an hour and a half prior to your scheduled time slot so that you leave time for hair and make-up. (Example: If you are booked in for the 10:30am time slot you would arrive at 9:00am to have your hair and make up done.)
I can't stress enough how important it is to make sure you are on time. Our hair and make up team and myself are doing seven clients back to back and we have to make sure we stay as close to our timeline as possible so that everyone gets taken care of!

Tips For Photos by Haley Thuss

- Drink lots of water in the days leading up to your session
- Exfoliate & Moisturize the hell out of that bod of yours! Get that skin soft and glowing!
- Paint your fingers & toe nails! Theres nothing worse than getting all dolled up and having chipped polish on your fingers or toes.
- Avoid wearing anything that is tight the night before / morning of. It will leave marks on your skin and you will see it in photos.
- Wear a button down shirt the morning of so you don't mess up all the glam you just got done when it's time to change!
- Make sure you try your lingerie on before you come to your session! We don't want to waste any time figuring out which lingerie outfits you want to be photographed in so make sure you know prior to coming for your session!
- If you don't want to eat a full meal before your session, at least eat a protein bar or some fruit - It can be a little exhausting and you don't want to burn out before the session is over!
- Don't get a spray tan - there's nothing worse than spotty skin in boudoir photos.
- Try to avoid tanning and laying in the sun in the days leading up to your session. You don't want tan lines or sun burns!

Tips For Hair by Alysha @ Studio 14

- Wash your hair the night before your session!
- Apply a volumizing or setting product to towel dried hair and then blow dry to get as much volume as possible!
- After washing / blowdrying, leave your hair be! Don't flat iron or curl it!
- Avoid tight ponytails or braids! If you want to pull it back the morning of your session a low, loose pony is best.

Tips For Make Up by Catherine Krahn Makeup Artistry

- Exfoliate, Mask, and Moisturize the night before your session!
- The day of your session please cleanse, and moisturize.
- Show up to your session with nothing but your clean face!


If you have any questions leading up to your boudoir session, please feel free to email Haley (info@haleythuss.com) or text at 226-926-4885